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A. Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM
Professional Marketer



WorkerBee - A small business transit enterprise

WorkerBee Van Rental

You won’t find a Queen Bee at WorkerBee. You will find female worker bees in this small business enterprise owned predominantly by Filipino business women. That’s what separates WorkerBee from the rest. And, it is the service at WorkerBee that defines a travel experience for business, leisure, or out of necessity. Anyone can take you from A to B. WorkerBee can take you, your family, and guests to your destination and back, safely and comfortably, with travel services expected by Filipinos and foreigners alike.

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CA+14 works with AGL to produce technical brochure integrating traditional print and mobile app


The brochure designed for civil structural engineers and infrastructure designers blends traditional print media design with modern use of QR codes linking video to provide a more comprehensive understanding of engineering calculations and time-lapse photography of a storm water detention system. The buried structure is designed with XStream, a method for designing and estimating precast concrete box detention and retention systems utilizing conventional OPSS 1821 box units, placed horizontally or vertically, depending on site conditions.

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Land Surveying - A life-long career for C21

Get a head start in your career! Specialist High Skills Major. Surveying combines knowledge of math, geography, history, computers, science, planning and law. This program has something for everyone. Get an inside look into the land surveying profession; a career that is in demand.

Grant Lee of AGL Marketing was on the AOLS team that worked with PookyHonk Productions in Red Bank, NJ. to produce this video.

An essay on marketing strategy and tactics learned from battles past and master warriors

By A Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM
President, AGL Marketing Limited

There is much to be learned by a professional marketer from past military battles and wars waged by generals who were masters in understanding human behavior and basic needs of the body and spirit. Sun Tzu is known for the tactical side of military strategy while Von Clausewitz believed that strategy should be based on flexible principles. Mao Zedong was a master at guerrilla warfare. Many marketing professionals specialize in strategy, tactics and guerilla marketing techniques. There is a lot to learn from the masters to hone the skills of marketers who plan and initiate marketing programs that are good for business.

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AGL Marketing Limited launches advertising campaign to celebrate 125-year anniversary of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors and build portfolio of geomatics industry projects

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AGL Marketing provides marketing services to professional and industry associations, precast concrete pipe producers and businesses supplying the concrete pipe industry, consulting engineers, businesses providing geomatics/surveying services, and individuals involved in marketing services to the built environment.

AGL Marketing Limited was established in 1998 by A. Grant Lee, a professional marketer, association manager, and land use planner with over 30 years experience in the infrastructure field.

Grant Lee is a member of, or affiliated with the following professional and industry associations:

AGL Marketing is a well-established mobile office enterprise that conducts most of its business via Internet technology. The business is open at all time and works with individuals throughout Canada and the U.S.A. and countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The company is a strategic partner with Communication Associates and CA+14.