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Concrete Pipe News

Published by the American Concrete Pipe Association

Concrete Pipe News is published four times each year by the American Concrete Pipe Association. Grant Lee of AGL Marketing edits and writes content for the publication. Content is linked to archived technical information, research and product development, educational products, and applications of precast concrete pipe and boxes. In addition, content is linked to archived Word and graphic files on the ACPA and other industry-wide Web sites. Readers include engineers, specifiers, contractors, suppliers to the precast concrete industry, government officials, and members of the American Concrete Pipe Association in the U.S.A., Canada and other countries. Concrete Pipe News is an online publication with no hard copies distributed. Access the most recent articles and archived Issues at the following link.

Salit Specialty Rebar Stainless Steel Digest

Published by Salit Specialty Rebar

Stainless Steel Digest is a publication of Salit Specialty Rebar, a company located in Buffalo, NY that specializes in the supply of stainless steel rebar and mesh for poured-in-place concrete structures and precast concrete elements. Salit Specialty Rebar is one of the Salit Group of Companies - a Canadian business based in Niagara Falls Canada. The interactive newsletter is designed and written by Grant Lee of AGL Marketing. The publication is archived on Web sites for download. Links in the copy of the articles take the reader to technical information and project details archived on Web sites throughout North America.

Click on the publication cover to follow a link to an online file.

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