Cabbages & Golf Balls Newsletter – Fall 2018

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The fall issue opens a discussion about marketing to the Baby Boomer generation that remains relevant and holders of great wealth. If marketers wish to help micro, small and medium-size enterprises (MSMEs) make offers of products and services that will be accepted, the offers must help baby boomers leave their stamp.

The featured marketing challenge this Issue is the case of the longest detail that describes how the marketing guy introduced a tactic that would help replenish the ranks of an air cadet squadron each year.

Discover how building networks online does not have to deplete limited resources, and be accomplished with basic equipment and skills.

There are occasions when small to medium-sized enterprises compete in the same space in a mature market with limited opportunity to expand using new or improved products and services. By studying the tactics of the world’s most successful generals, marketers can develop aggressive tactics of their own to grow a business in a mature marketplace at the expense of a competitor.

The fall Issue of Cabbages and Golf Balls has tips and tales that can help micro and small businesses, and community service organizations be more effective in delivering prodcts and services. If you are in need of mentoring and training, contact Grant Lee at 416-705-5369 or