Cabbages & Golf Balls Newsletter – Spring 2020

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OK Boomer – Reality Bites

Social Media Content Calendars for small businesses and associations

Corporate bafflegab: Is anybody reading that stuff?

Posters are powerful marketing communications strategy assets

Rwang’enyi Trail: Our path to health – An AGL Marketing project

Hunkered down in the Philippines waiting for COVID-19 to weaken

Cabbages & Golf Balls Newsletter – Spring 2019

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A well-maintained database is critical to the success of any email marketing campaign.

If you were to believe everything that anyone has said to you over the past day or week, let alone years, everything we do is great!
A small business that contributes to helping with community sports teams, or volunteering expertise on community projects might be demonstrating good corporate social responsibility.
A brand’s touch point is its people. It is the staff of a hotel that caters to guests and influences the overall customer experience.

Cabbages & Golf Balls Newsletter – Winter 2019

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Location north of the tree line and inside the Arctic Circle presents a most challenging barrier for a small business. Furthermore, qiviut is a rare fibre that forms qiviut yarn. This is a marketing case study about place and price.

Micro and small business entrepreneurs who begin to market themselves early have a definite advantage over those who don’t. Find out how.
Avoid them if you can – but if you must compete for work with a proposal consider this…


Cabbages & Golf Balls Newsletter – Fall 2018

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If marketers wish to help micro, small and medium-size enterprises (MSMEs) make offers to baby boomers, the offers must help boomers leave their stamp.

The case of the longest detail describes a tactic that helped replenish the ranks of an air cadet squadron annually.

Discover how building networks online can be accomplished with basic equipment and skills.

By studying the tactics of the world’s most successful generals, marketers can develop aggressive tactics of their own to grow a business in a mature marketplace at the expense of a competitor.