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January | 2021
Online and Offline Digital Marketing
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Cadastral Surveying Mobile Device
AGL Marketing and Studio 14 designed a marketing product to promote cadastral (boundary) surveying by blending traditional offline marketing tactics with modern online digital marketing. The interactive online file is replicated using plastics to create an identical handout for in-person career fairs targeting Generation Z. A QR Code on the handout will open the digital file for the user to access files about cadastral surveying.

Cadastral land surveying
Mobile Device for a Career in Cadastral (Boundary) Land Surveying | Click on the device to open a pdf file with icon links to flyers, brochures and video.











March | 2020
Evidence-based risk management for advertisers 
published in the winter 2020 Issue of Ontario Professional Surveyor
Where promotion becomes interesting is at the creative stage. This is where the level of risk in a display advertisement or video begins.


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February | 2019
Cabbages & Golf Balls mentioned in e-news of Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

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February | 2019
Chartered Professional Marketer – CIMMO e-news
Editor and Publisher – Grant Lee, CPM, Registrar | Chartered Institute of Marketing
Management of Ontario

The inaugural Issue was published on February 15, 2019. Grant Lee worked with a team at CIMMO to set up an email database, select the email marketing tool, and develop the content. Grant Lee will select content and distribute quarterly publications using AGL Marketing Limited technology and accounts. Members of CIMMO are invited to publish essays and case studies of completed marketing projects that involve strategy and applied implementation tactics.

Read about how you can become a chartered professional marketer in the e-news and the website.


November | 2018
Facebook Business Page – Consult Ranjan
Client: Consult Ranjan | Mano (Randy) Ambalavanar

Grant Lee of AGL Marketing is Communications Director with Consult Ranjan. The company has been a client of AGL since 2005. In 2018, Consult Ranjan. In 2018, the government of Sri Lanka opened direct bilateral trade communications with the Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Growth through the initiative of Mano (Randy) Ambalavanar of Consult Ranjan to encourage Canadians to take advantage of business opportunities in Sri Lanka and Canada. Ambalavanar and aa delegation toured potential project sites and met with local business representatives, officials of educational institutions, financial organizations, and officials in Colombo, capital city of Sri Lanka and Jaffna, capital city of the Northern Province.








November | 2018
E-Newsletter: SSR Stainless Steel Digest
Client: Salit Specialty Rebar

AGL Marketing researches, designs and distributes the Salit Specialty Rebar (SSR) Stainless Steel Digest in the spring and fall each year. Past copies are archived on the SSR website at stainless

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November | 2018
Spinning a Canadian Arctic Yarn
Grant Lee, CESO Volunteer Advisor (Kugluktuk, Nunavut)

Canadian Executive Services Organization partnered with a small business in Kugluktuk, Nunavut called Nunavut Qiviut to help the owner develop a sustainable industry for the hamlet of approximately 1,500 Inuit and other Canadians.

 Geoff Clark (left) and CESO VA Grant Lee work on marketing tactics and communications technology applicable to a challenging environment

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August | 2018
E-News: Concrete Pipe News
Client: American Concrete Pipe Association







The Summer Issue of the American Concrete Pipe Association’s “Concrete Pipe News” focuses on the resiliency of precast concrete drainage systems in the face of natural disasters, and use of precast concrete boxes for culverts and a pedestrian walkway at the Richmond Raceway.

Editorial – Tripp
Concrete pipe continues to prove its superiority in terms of durability and safety
Lead Story
Recovery from disaster storms quickened with resilient drainage systems
A unique application of box culverts for a causeway
By Scott Hofer, Director of Sales
Hancock Concrete Products, LLC
Chilliwack completes critical culvert rehabilitation project with precast concrete pipe and box structures 
By: Joel Shimozawa, P. Eng., Technical Marketing Engineer
The Langley Concrete Group
Richmond Raceway pedestrian tunnel constructed with precast concrete box segments
by Whitney West
Oldcastle Precast
Oldcastle supplying precast box sections for culverts on State Route 58 Kramer Junction Expressway Project
by Doug McLaughlin, California Director
California Precast Concrete Pipe Association…/concrete-pipe-news-summer-2…/

Grant Lee has been the editor and a writer of articles in CP News since 1999.

May | 2018
E-Newsletter: SSR Stainless Steel Digest
Client: Salit Specialty Rebar

AGL Marketing researches, designs and distributes the Salit Specialty Rebar (SSR) Stainless Steel Digest in the spring and fall each year. Past copies are archived on the SSR website at stainless

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May | 2018
Webinar by Grant Lee: “Booth Staffing Guide / Writing Online and Offline Guide”
Client: Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
The Public Awareness Committee (PAC) of the AOLS hosted the webinar to present a guide for helping AOLS members be effective when staffing a display booth, and a primer for publishing material offline and online according to expectations and preferences of three generations of audiences. Takeaways were samples, facts, and checklists.

The webinar and two presentations is located at

Grant Lee being introduced at the beginning of the webinar

One of the slides describing what not to do at a display booth

May | 2018
Consult Ranjan
Client: Consult Ranjan (Randy Ambalavanar) is leading a delegation of business professionals to Sri Lanka in May 2018. The mission is to promote bilateral trade and explore
foreign direct investment opportunities between Ontario and Sri Lanka.

Randy Ambalavanar meets with Brad Duguid, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. State Engagement April 24, 2018








March | 2018
Tanzania: CESO Assignment #4

My last assignment was for D&M Hospitality Solutions Limited who requested a VA to equip sales and marketing employees in the hospitality industry with knowledge which would help them with sales and the marketing of their business. To do this, D&M worked with the local CESO office and National College of Tourism to host a training program from March 12-22, 2018. Three VAs, James Beatty, Grant Lee, and Roger Charles facilitated training in hospitality financial skills and techniques; strategic marketing; and leadership, change management and problem-solving.







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