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2017 A survey to examine the characteristics of the NSTS brand.
Northern Simulated Training Systems
The results of the survey provide an indicator of the personality of the NSTS brand shared by its customers.

Northern STS Entertainment


2017  WorkerBee Logo A logo for a business located in the Philippines that captures local culture and brand proposition

2017 XStream Brochure
Xstream Retention System gives the design engineer a fast, easy, accurate and trusted method for designing and estimating precast concrete box detention and retention systems utilizing conventional OPSS 1821 box units,
placed horizontally or vertically, depending on site conditions.The QR Code is embedded in the brochure to take the user of the calculator to a video of the precast concrete boxes being used to construct a stormwater detention system. A second QR Code in the brochure takes the designer to a video of the engineer explaining the calculation step-by-step.
2016 Salit Specialty Rebar New website including design, content, functionality, and training